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Buds+ battery drain with wireless charger trio

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 3:03 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I bought a Wireless Charger Trio in December, to charge my S20FE and Buds+ simultaneously.
After about a month of use I noticed that when I place the two devices on the charger at night, by the time I check them in the morning the Buds+ have completely drained to 0% battery (both the buds themselves and the case).
I tried resetting the buds in the wearables app which seemed to resolve the issue but only for one charge. Subsequent charges caused the same problem.
Has anyone else run into the same issue? How can I resolve this?
I bought the product through Amazon US, and shipped to my location in Chile. Amazon customer service redirects me to Samsung US, whose webpage will not allow me to communicate with a technical advisor because my location is outside of the US. 
Feeling very shortchaged at the moment. Seems like a big waste of money.

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