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Call audio doesnt work on galaxy buds connected to gear watch



I have the galaxy buds and samsung gear watch 42mm and the samsung note 10 lite. When i go for a run, i connect the buds to the watch to listen to music and get my s health updates like heart rate, distance, etc. However, when i get calls and answer using the watch while galaxy buds are connected to the watch, the call audio comes out of the watch speaker and not the galaxy buds. I never had this problem with my gear iconx. What can i do to fix this?


I have tried a reset on both the watch and the buds. Each time i get a call when im running or jogging, i have to take my buds out and answer the call on my fone or speaker on the watch which defeats the purpose of having the buds. And connecting to the fone while jogging means i miss the s health updates like heart rate, distance, coaching, etc. 


A solution to this is highly appreciated. Thank you.