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Can't listen to multiple audio sources at once

(Topic created on: 1/27/21 3:21 AM)
Galaxy Buds

Hi everyone, 

I have been experiencing a strange issue here. 

I am using my Galaxy Buds+ to listen to the different meetings on Microsoft Teams as well as listening to people talking discord. I am not able to listen to people who are talking in discord but only can hear people talking in the Teams meeting. 

This same happens when I try to listen to YouTube at the same time listening to people talking in Teams. When I end the meeting in teams, all the audio comes out from the platform I couldn't hear from the start. This is only for the Galaxy Bud+ as when I use wired earphones, there is no issue. 

But only sometimes I can hear from multiple sources when using the same platform. But that's rarely. Can someone help me with this issue? 

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