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Cannot connect earbuds live to galaxy wearble

Hi, im trying to connect my earbuds live to galaxy wearable. I cannot connect them. The earbuds connect to my note 10+ but they cann not be connected to the galaxy wearable.


Thank you

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Cannot connect earbuds live to galaxy wearble



Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend unpairing and repairing your buds from the Wearables app and Bluetooth menu after clearing the cache and data from the Wearables App. You can do this by navigating to Settings>Apps>Wearables App>(Force Stop the app)>Storage, from here you can clear the cache and data. 


If you are still experiencing this symptom after performing this, I would recommend getting your device evaluated by a technician to diagnose and repair your symptom. I would be happy to look into service options for you. Could you please provide me with the model and serial number for your Galaxy buds in a private message to do so? 


Let me know if this helps!