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Charging Issue, and an indicator issue

So this morning, I had my case at green light but after two-three mins it became red, and when I turned on my headphones only my left bud charged while my right was basically dead. Does anyone know the issue to this? Now the case also switches between the red indicator and green indicator very weirdly and not accordingly.

Product Expert

Re: Charging Issue, and an indicator issue



I am sorry you have tried all the troubleshooting steps to get this issue solved with your buds and the problem is still re-occurring.


My suggestion is to call 1800-SAMSUNG (1800-726-7864). Once you call them, try to reach a representative and have the valid proof of purchase handy and the serial number of the device. Let them know you want to mail in the buds for service and they will email you a UPS shipping label and give you the proper instructions on how to do this process. It typically takes 7-14 business days for you to receive them back. The serial number and the proof of purchase is typically what is needed as long as the device was purchased less than a year ago. They should be able to give you replacement buds once this process is fulfilled.


If you have any questions, please let us know.