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Comparison to the Galaxy Buds Pro/Buds Plus

(Topic created: 07-14-2021 04:05 PM)
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Hello, just here to explain the experience of the Galaxy Buds Pro. In terms of sound quality, I'd say it is quite excellent indeed. They would scale about at least 20-30% better than the Buds Plus. Although the Galaxy Buds Pro don't offer the best fit against the Galaxy Buds Plus, I managed to get the best fit possible with the medium size (the Buds Plus fitting is flawless). In terms of battery, I only averaged about 5 hours (I hope they improve with time if Samsung updates them) while the Buds Plus averaged around 6-8 hours on a single charge which makes it a titanic powerhouse. In terms of the Buds Pro with its ANC, I'd say it's alright with blocking out noise, but it's not perfect and Samsung should work on that. For the ambient noise setting, I'd say they're both equal in terms of hearing outside noise, but give more credit to the Buds Pro. To end off the comparison between both, here's what I would recommend to people who enjoy the best experience:

If your ear canal is normally big: Buds Pro
For sports and overall longitivity: Buds Plus
Feature wise for overall convenience: Buds Pro
Starters: Buds Plus
Distraught of missing out latest technologies: Buds Pro


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