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Cordless Phone compatibility with Galaxy Buds+

I'm trying to help my parents find a new replacement for their old Panasonic cordless home phone system. It is roughly 8 years old.


We tried pairing my mother's Galaxy Buds+ to the phone system to no avail and the pairing times out.


Does anyone out there know of a cordless phone system that allows Galaxy Buds+ to connect and be used for calls, even if tied to a specific handset?


I can't seem to find any answers other than ask the manaufacturer blah blah. I was hoping someone had this setup and could enlighten me.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Cordless Phone compatibility with Galaxy Buds+

if the buds+ use Bluetooth for conection, try find a cordless phone with Bluetooth. if didnt work send back the cordless

check VTech DS6771-3, it have Bluetooth wireless headset capabilities

Re: Cordless Phone compatibility with Galaxy Buds+

Have you tried changing the settings in your Developers Mode for your Earbuds. I'm not quite sure if it will help in this situation. I made some changes to my Bluetooth settings on my phone because it wasn't recognizing certain devices in my home. Made them discoverable. With a bit of research I bet you could find how to set the earbuds to the proper settings allowing the Phone to pair with it. Just a thought though. There are various settings in the Bluetooth section that can be changed though I wouldn't know right off hand which would work for your situation.