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Dead left bud (Buds+)

(Topic created on: 3/1/21 5:37 PM)
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Alright, I feel like alot of people are having this issue. But I'm not here to complain I'm here to commend Samsung tech support,  the left bud died or it stopped working,  well  this is the second time this has happened , prior to this it happened with my buds live. Well back to the issue at hand I was able to get a shipping label no problem and will be sending them out tomorrow. Well here is what I discovered,  I got curious as to why the left bud died... I happen to have every gen of galaxy buds and  since the buds and buds+ have the same cases I swapped the buds+ into the buds case and to my surprise the left bud started charging so the problem is the case. So hoping to get it swapped out through the warranty,  so I believe that this is the issue with the buds+ and maybe the lives too might be the case themselves with a false connection or faulty contacts.  
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are u computer savvy??