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Doesn't fit very well in ear, and keeps disconnecting/connecting

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 01:12 PM)
Galaxy Buds


I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

I have tried using all sizes of the earplugs, but can't seem to get it to fit good enough, for the earbuds to stay connected. They keep disconnecting and connecting, until I finally manage to force them deep enough into my ears, for the "sensors" to determine that I am wearing them.

Is there a way to keep the buds connected, even though they might not be stuffed far enough into the ears? -A kind of a "always on" feature?

It has come to a point where I don't use them, as I don't have time enough to get it right before answering the phone, and they disconnect after a short while, if I am not keeping my head and jaws extremely still.

Thank you 🙂

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