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Dolby Atmos vs 360 Audio on Galaxy Buds2 Pro

(Topic created: 03-23-2023 12:29 PM)
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I am currently using a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro paired with my Galaxy Z Fold 4. I can see 2 different options for my buds - Dolby Atmos (In Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Sound quality and effects) and 360 Audio (present in the Galaxy Wearable app). 
I have a few queries regarding these options:
1). What is the difference between both, as both of these technologies are targetted towards providing some sort of surround sound experience 
2). Why does Dolby Atmos automatically turn off when I enable 360 audio? [This issue has been reported in multiple Reddit threads, and the Samsung community, but somehow your customer support isn't sure about this issue. Some say it is expected behavior, but don't know why. And others suggest resetting my phone's all settings as it is not expected]
3). Also Dolby Atmos has been available in Samsung galaxy phones for a long time now, and even 360 audio was available with other galaxy bud models (prior to Galaxy buds2 pro).
Then why does the promotion below state that this is something exclusive for Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 4 and Galaxy buds2 Pro?
Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Bringing Dolby Atmos to Mobile | Samsung
4). Which particular technology is this advertisement supporting? It looks like it is a promotion for 360 Audio as it supports head tracking, but it keeps saying Dolby Atmos throughout - Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Studio-Quality Sound in Dolby Atmos | Samsung
5). Tried contacting Samsung support from multiple channels, but even they were not clear on these issues. According to them (I discussed this with 3 different service experts) -
"Compared to 360 Reality Audio, Dolby Atmos Music has the advantage that attention is paid to loudness normalization and thus no strong loudness Jumps occur. A different HRTF (head-related transfer function) is also used for naturalization" and "it sounds ambient and live with Dolby"
and also one of these executives told (as per the Samsung website) - "The 360 audio in Galaxy Buds2 Pro supports Direct Multi-Channel, 5.1ch / 7.1ch / Dolby Atmos delivering incredibly immersive sound."
6). The above doubts then bring a very obvious question (even though it is really subjective and may differ from audiophile to audiophile) - which of these two options is superior/better sounding - 360 audio or Dolby Atmos? Which one should a consumer use while watching Netflix movies that supports Dolby Atmos? Or which one is better to use when listening to some HiFi DolbyAtmos or 360 Reality audio music from Tidal?
7). What are the drawbacks of using these technologies (if any) given most of the music that an average consumer consumes including YouTube videos, music from different streaming services, etc doesn't provide a lot of content that is natively mixed for Dolby Atmos or 360 Audio, but was designed for 2 channel stereo music.
8). Given Dolby Atmos has been available in many models of Samsung Galaxy for a while now, why is this setting turned off by default? Does Samsung not completely believe in its own feature or does having this setting on have any other negative impact on the phone?
Hoping to hear back soon!
Thanks & Regards!
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