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Feature Request: Customize Tap Gestures

(Topic created: 02-06-2024 04:42 PM)
Galaxy Buds
The single tap pause/play function is great, except when exercising. Sweaty hair, a shoulder brushing past, or readjusting an earbud will trigger the pause. I could turn off the single tap gesture, but I still want to be able to easily start/stop music without having to use my phone.

I think the simplest solution would be to allow users to select the function each gesture does. For example, I'd like to disable single tap and assign play/pause function to double tap. Alternatively, some sort of touch sensitivity slider could be added to filter out unintended 'taps'.

Something that would be really nice is to be able to customize the tap and hold gestures per earbud. For example, as a user I'd like to be able to set a triple tap on the left earbud to restart/previous and a triple tap on the right earbud to skip.

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