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Fix for call quality/Mic on Galaxy Buds!

OKay so after alot of reading about the mic issues i tried a bunch of fixes, i updated the buds, updated the plugin/app, restarted them, tried to clear my phone cache (on a huawei P20 Pro) and to no avial i couldent get the mic to work without hearing muffled and low. I started to play around with them in my ear and recorded voicemail to see how it sounded and figured out that if you put them normally in your ear, the mic gets blocked by the ear (resulting in muffled sound). So you have to find a sweet spot, rotating them back so that the mic is not blocked and use the tips that are best for your ears. After several test it sounds good now. Not muffled. It has to be the size of the earbud, how flush it fits inside that causes this. I think its more of a designer flaw than hardware. 


In Conclusion: use them not super stuffed in the ear that way the mic hole is not blocked. (For calls)


Thanks Samsung for making such a good product, its not perfect but then again is anything? Im glad that they are useable now for calls!


Let me know if this helps you guys out.