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Galaxy Buds 2 Pro -Smartthings Find does not work with Pixel 4a

(Topic created: 06-05-2024 04:49 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I have a Pixel 4a and unfortunately, the Galaxy Wearable app only works partially with non-Samsung devices.
The ability to search for lost headphones is limited to beep mode only when the headphones are connected, but as soon as I want to find the headphones offline, I'm out of luck.
This option is not available outside of Samsung phone apps. I tried Samsung A22, S23 and it works (Galaxy Wearabel app is automaticaly swith to SmartThings and show me last known position) 

Is there any way around this restriction?

Advice like clearing cache, pairing devices etc. are useless(I tried everything what you recommend)

Desperate these limitations of other parties, then it loses the point of buying certain things when you can't use them to their full potential.


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