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Galaxy Buds 2 pro fragile ear tips

(Topic created: 09-21-2022 12:12 AM)
Galaxy Buds
Has anyone else accidently ripped their buds 2 pro ear tip mesh while trying out the other tips? These ear tips are so **bleep** fragile, I tried contacting samsung but they refused to send replacement ear tips (which is covered by warranty) which is really frustrating and I paid $230 for these on amazon and I only had them for 2 weeks and a half. I don't want to send them back for something they can just send a replacement for. And trust me, I really appreciate the anti-wax mesh in these ear tips but c'mon. I've also seen other people have this same problem.
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Buds
This happened to me the same day I got them when I swapped for a smaller size ear tip. I managed to put the mesh back on (lucky I didn't lose it). Use tweezers to out back on. It helps.