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Galaxy Buds Battery Drainage and Disconnecting issues

(Topic created: 08-05-2021 10:39 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I recently found my lost Galaxy Buds a few days ago. I charged them and bought a new case for it since the old one stopped working. Every time I use the buds, the left or right bud keeps disconnecting and sometimes the left or right bud battery drains really fast. For example, I was using them to listen to music eariler, and I check the battery only to see that my right bud is already at 15% while the left bud is at 85%. Third party apps are off and I was only using them for 15 minutes. Sometimes, they randomly disconnect too and won't connect back unless I put them back in the case. Thanks for anyone reading this and if anyone could help, it would really mean alot! 

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Galaxy Buds
Maybe try resetting the earbuds through the wearables app. Also are you sure both buds were fully charged when you strarted using them?