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Galaxy Buds+ Issue with VOIP calls

I am having issue with Buds+ when I am using it for VOIP calls with Skype/Whatsapp/MS Teams on my Note 8. While on a call, if I remove the buds, the Auto Ear detection feature disconnects the buds from the phone. Then it should connect back to the call when I put it back into the ear. Which is not happening for VOIP calls. The bluetooth is showing connected on Phone's button grid, but showing disconnected from the application. I have to disconnect the BT and connect again to get he voice back.


This issue is not there with cellular calls. The disconnection and re-connection is seemless. 


I have another issue with it. When I use the Buds with Windows 10, the entire sound driver is getting disabled. Not sure why. 


Please help if anyone is facing similar issues.