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Galaxy Buds Live don't charge - CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ THIS - this is the most informative post

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Cosmic Ray
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Hello Samsung customers and to someone hopefully from Samsung forum will read this as well. ( @SamsungMoon )


  1. I had bought my BUDS LIVE thru WOOT - an Amazon company using Amazon website - and when my buds first stopped working (only one bud would recharge, the other was dead)  I tried to do all the steps I read here (reset, uninstall app, press down buds to force the connection,  clean the connections, remove one bud that works, etc etc etc......) none of this worked.
  2. A Samsung rep saw my post here, and quickly gave me the info and mailing label for return and repair. Fine? At first, yes, I was quite happy even though I had print up a lable, find a box and drive to the UPS store and social distance w/ the line going outside the building and waiting for 30 min to drop off and a few days to arrive at SAMSUNG. 
  3. But then It took 10 days (which is a long time) AFTER receipt of my product to inform me my product (for reasons unbeknownst to me) was an international model number. How the heck am I supposed to know this? 
  4. So they said call Samsung because I have to pay for the repair. Keep in mind, I bought this product and it never recharged and never worked from the beginning - and yes it takes weeks to learn this since i didn't use them everday and they came fully charged so I didn't know.
  5. Now the first call to Samsung was fine, the rep Miss A. said the repair shop was closed and she would call them as soon as they open and request that they repair it for free because it's a brand new product that never work and she would call me and tell me the price if I had to pay. She never called.
  6. I called back again and got the most disagreeable support from Miss Maria, who was so incompentent because she couldn't even tell me if anyone had contacted repair shop to get more info. And since I do speak Tagalog fluently I gave Miss Maria a piece of my mind who threatened to block my calls. I asked to speak to a supervisor only to be informed the supervisor was "engaged" Smiley Very Happy and would call me back. We all know that is always a lie from customer support, and the fact I never received a call back is proof I am correct and the Samsung team continues to make up stories. 
  7. I call back again and get the most pleasant person (sorry I can't pronounce her name but I shouldv'e got the spelling) who informed me even if they do repair my item, it will for sure (100% sure) incur a cost and the parts can easily take 30 days to come in (one must ask, why does Samsung repair shop need to order Samsung parts from overseas?) So I ask her to inform the shop to return my product because WOOT will honor the refund.
  8. But now I am informed there is no communication tool between the Samsung rep who answers your call and the repair shop - only thing I can do is that I can call back and be transferred to their repair shop once it is open. Are you kidding me? SAMSUNG CAN'T DO IN-HOUSE EMAILS AMONGST IT EMPLOYEES????????????? Shocking. 
  9. And all this time I've been replying to original Samsung Forum rep @SamsungMoon  to say "Give me my product back, and this person hasn't returned my email in 48 hours. 


This is a nightmare - if your Buds start acting up, return them for a full refund from whomever you bought them immediately. This took me hours and hours of troubleshooting and driving to UPS and dropping off the package and waiting and then being on the phone and looking for replies here. It's not worth it.

And if you ever buy SAMSUNG in the future, only do it thru their website because I totally had a bad experience by buying from WOOT. 


You know what they say "Treat a customer well, he'll tell a friend. Treat him poorly he'll tell ten friends"


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Cosmic Ray
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100% true but in hindsight you should have returned them to woot right away instead of involving samsung. there customer service is something to be desired
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It is pretty subpar from such a large organization that I used to trust. My confidence has gone out the window. But i definetly agree with that saying, "Treat a customer well, he'll tell a friend. Treat him poorly, he'll tell ten friends".