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Galaxy Buds+ Microphone Compatibility Issues

I'm completely unable to get my Galaxy Buds+ to work as a microphone, outside the Phone app, when paired to my mobile device (Note 10+).


Tried everything I could imagine. Reset the buds, reset network settings, power cycle, checked permissions, battery optimization settings, checked the charge on them, updates etc.


I thought I missed something, so I went ahead and started a chat support session. Quickly got passed to an advanced tech guy, who asked a couple questions, got the serial number, then had me download "Smart Tutor" app so he could remotely connect to me.


He spent over an hour looking through all sorts of settings, having me test the mic in different apps... Eventually, after we both felt defeated, he just said I should take it to Best Buy to have a Samsung tech look at my phone. He said he thought my phone's OS could be the problem... Is that an issue Samsung is aware of? That sounds bad... I also don't like his use of the word "might". I paid a lot for my phone. And for these earbuds.


He also told me Samsung isn't aware of any reports of this incompatibility on mobile devices. I showed him some threads here of this exact issue, dating back to at least March of last year. I asked if there's a way to forward this issue to the appropriate team, he said he's done basically all he could already. So I guess that was a no, so now I'm here!