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Galaxy Buds Outdoor Issues

(Topic created on: 3/6/21 6:38 PM)
Galaxy Buds

So I have had two sets of galaxy buds at this point and while they work very reliably indoors the moment I go outside to take a walk or check the mail I am met with patchy connection (if any connection is maintained at all!) 


I originally purchased galaxy buds to go with my Galaxy S9 and they worked just fine indoors and outdoors for months (at least 6 or 7) before beginning to have issues maintaining their connection. Last month I purchased the galaxy s21 pretty much the day it became available through my wireless retailer and earlier today I decided to go ahead and purchase a new set of buds to replace my old ones so I could go back to wearing in ear headphones when going out on a jog vs needing to wear my clunky  old school style headphones. Lo and behold the same situation ended up happening, perfect performance indoors but the moment there aren't 4 walls surrounding me I can't finish a song on Spotify to save my life </3.  The only way I found I could maintain my connection is to hold my phone TO my face. Kind of defeats the purpose of earbuds if you have to walk around with your phone in your hand to keep a connection. 

After following all of the available troubleshooting tips offered by a Samsung agent via text chat with no noticeable improvement I am wondering if the issue is more of an actual technology based situation where galaxy buds simply aren't meant for outdoor use and recieve too much interference from... a clear sky and no buildings around  to be counted on for a jog. 


To be noted this occurred when the buds were connected to my phone which was in my pocket and continued when I connected to my galaxy watch3, where I had to again hold the watch itself practically to my face to maintain a connection. 


At this point I am planning on returning the buds to the retailer I purchased them from and moving on to a different brand for my audio needs. 



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