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Galaxy Buds Plus Disconnect During calls

Hey. I have a Galaxy S10e and galaxy buds plus.  I really like the buds a lot and they're almost perfect except that they frequently disconnect during phone calls.  I have no issues with any other form of listening, however this is mad annoying when I'm in the middle of a conversation and they disconnect and I don't realize it.  I've tried resetting them. I even tried a different pair thinking maybe the first ones I bought were defective.  However, as I dig a little it looks like this is just an issue with the buds.  Which is upsetting because they cost way to much for this to be a consistent factor and Samsung to not have found a fix for it.  I have some cheap $30 buds I had prior to these and that has never been an issue.  I would like to stay with the Galaxy buds and keep it all in the Samsung family, but if this doesn't get resolved soon I'm returning these and looking into other options.