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Galaxy Buds Plus Right Earbud not connecting

(Topic created: 11-17-2021 07:51 PM)
Galaxy Buds
I've just purchased these and have officially used both buds twice. Yesterday, my right bud wouldn't connect or charge in the case most of the day and then randomly connected and was able to use. Today the same thing happened except for it never connected. I've tried removing the wing tip, wiggling the bud around, disconnecting the Bluetooth connection and uninstalling the gear app and I'm just lost. There's no debris on it at all, it's brand new and I'm really frustrated because I bought these specifically because of the wing tip so that I can workout without them falling out like others would. Samsung has issued a ticket for me to send them in for repair or replacement, but I don't want the Live or Pro options. Has anyone dealt with this and fixed it? I really want these to work.
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