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Galaxy Buds Plus randomly connecting and disconnecting

(Topic created: 05-18-2021 07:56 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I recently bought a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and for the few weeks that I've had them, they've been functioning perfectly well and exactly as I wanted. From yesterday however,  I've been having difficulty with keeping them connected and working with my devices. I use the Buds with both my MacBooks and my iPhone 6s Plus. The problem I face is that when I connect to any one device, the Buds briefly work but then suddenly disconnect and fail to reconnect. I then 'forget' the Buds on my devices, turn my devices off, restart my buds, and try to pair them again. After the pairing is successful I am thrown for a loop as they briefly work before automatically disconnecting. The message that comes on my phone is "Connection unsuccessful. Make sure 'Galaxy Buds Plus' is turned on and in range". I've repeatedly cleaned the Buds and charged them to full capacity only to face this. I've so far been in love with these Buds but I sincerely hope this poor experience doesn't turn me entirely off of Samsung products.

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