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Galaxy Buds Pro - Buzzing in left earbud

(Topic created: 07-28-2021 04:06 AM)
Galaxy Buds

Yesterday my left earbud started to make a buzzing noise while in both ANC and ambient sound mode. After restarting and unpairing the buds from my phone (a S10+) twice, restating my phone and changing the Bluetooth audio codec to AAC nothing changed. Using the left bub by itself (with the other one in the case) there was no buzzing noise, it only happens when I use both. However the buzzing doesn't immediately start when I put both buds in, only when i use the touch controls on the left bud - if I don't touch the left bud there is no buzzing. I've looked around and can't find anyone with this exact problem so I'm not sure what to do.

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