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[Galaxy Buds Pro] How to change audio quality during calls?

(Topic created: 07-21-2022 02:45 PM)
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Recently, I've bought the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. During calls, the audio quality gets worse (bc it only has two channels and uses one for the mic during calls), however, during one of my calls, I was successfully able to "deactivate" my mic and let the call happen on two audio channels, thus, making the quality better. Sadly, I do not know how I did that, since I did it by accident, but hopefully someone can shed a light here.

Yes, I know I will not be able to use my mic during calls if I do that, but I don't care, since most of the time I'm just watching Zoom Classes. Disabling the "audio call" on the buds pro bluetooth settings do not work.

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This just happens by accident for me as well. I think it's just a bug that ends up using the phone's mic instead of the buds' so it's not really using the 'headphones in-call' mode.