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Galaxy Buds Pro Right Bud Drains Battery

(Topic created: 10-25-2021 04:50 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I recently bought the Galaxy buds Pro, Alright they look and sound great. But the battery drain issues I face are endless.

Even if the buds are disconnected and in their case, the right buds drain to 1% while the left one stays 100%

Is there some way I am not disconnecting them because my Bluetooth is off across all the devices

I disabled the background usage and notification from the wearables app but still on Bud drains the battery

The wearable app is updated and I am using the right cable (its the battery drain after the charge)


Can some one please advise a work around for this

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Galaxy Buds
On occasion, my buds will be in their case and NOT charging. It's been either that I haven't seated the buds in the case properly, or the contacts need a little cleaning (and I mean just wipe them off with a cloth).