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Galaxy Buds Pro - Will not stay in ear

(Topic created on: 3/1/21 5:46 PM)
Galaxy Buds

First Samsung product.  Also, S21 Ultra delayed with accessories.  I think Karma is trying to tell me something.  Was on hold with Samsung tonight for 2-1/2hours?  Never got through to anyone.  Returning Galaxy Buds Pro tomorrow.  

Wanted to know if my coupon code could be reactivated so I could use it on something else.  I am seriously thinking of cancelling my phone order and buying a iPhone 12 Pro Max which I would have in a couple of days.  Dealing with Samsung is just too painful of an experience for me.  Will sleep on it.

Also, emailed a supervisor Harold Palad who actually issued that coupon, but have not received a reply as of yet.

i guess if you always dealt with Samsung, you have no idea how well Apple operates.  For one, Apple only sells electronics - not like Samsung who sells other types of products such as refrigerators, tvs, and who know what else besides electronics.  I am at a lost as to how Samsung continues in business.

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Galaxy Buds
you gotta understand that they are still operating under the plandemic and have limited staff. I've never had any issues with Samsung and have always gotten help. I would be a bit more understanding and I'm sure they will work things out with you. but if you go to Apple Hate to see you leave.