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Galaxy Buds Pro can't see the YouTube app for reading notifications out loud.

(Topic created: 09-09-2022 07:58 PM)
Galaxy Buds

I have had the Galaxy Buds Pro for quite some time, I find it absolutely amazing and had no issues whatsoever as of yet. 

However, when I tried to add some app notifications to read out loud via the Galaxy Wearables App, I noticed that the YouTube app was missing from the list. All the standard social media apps like WhatsApp and Twitter were there, except YouTube. 

It came to my attention that many stock apps that you can only disable and not delete are missing from the list, but it should at least be possible to read YouTube notifications out loud with the Galaxy Buds. The phone that I am currently using is the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.

Is this something that has been overlooked, or is it just not possible to to read these notifications out loud? 



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