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Galaxy Buds Pro not pairing to Windows 10

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 4:05 PM)
Galaxy Buds

Galaxy buds pro pairs and connects fine to Galaxy Note 10 and iPad, but when attempting to pair to Windows 10, it gives an error. Have updated the galaxy buds pro and updated Bluetooth drivers on my laptop, and have reset the galaxy buds pro a couple of times as well, but no luck.


Tried to pair after turning off my phone's Bluetooth, and it wouldn't pair. I also disconnected from the Wearables app and then tried to pair, that didn't work. Then, I reset the device and attempted to pair it to the laptop first, no luck there either. Every time I attempt to pair, it says "Connecting" for about 30 seconds, then "Couldn't connect. Try connecting again." I have my Galaxy Buds+ still, which connects and pairs just fine with all of my devices.


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