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Galaxy Buds pro 2 only one side works for music but both side work for calls

(Topic created: 01-15-2023 07:47 PM)
Galaxy Buds
Hello everyone I have a set of Galaxy buds Pro 2 that are only about four or five months old and all of a sudden now when I listen to music it only plays out of the one side.... aside from phone calls actually only one side plays any media and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and relinking and pairing can someone please help?
Oh and I have a Galaxy S21+ 5G.


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Galaxy Buds
I had that problem with the Galaxy buds live just make sure you are cleaning them as I use a tooth pick to scrape away wax and also you can check the sound for both buds or one bud is to check "balance" move it over to the bud that you can't hear from to see if it's working and if so it will probably sound low it just needs to be cleaned