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Galaxy Buds sound different when one is in the case

(Topic created: 05-12-2022 05:31 AM)
Galaxy Buds

This isn't really a complaint but more so a question of why this happens,  I have a pair of the 1st gen Galaxy Buds and I've been using them almost everyday for about three years now and these things are amazing.

Recently I was listening to music with just one bud in and later in this one song that I typically listen to sounded a bit off, like some of the beats were missing, so I took the other earbud out of the case without putting it in my ear and the song sounded back to normal, put it back in the case and the song sounded little off again.
I've also noticed when I do that, the current bud you have in will get to be about 10% louder when both buds are out of the case without the Bluetooth volume changing at all, and as soon as you put one back in the case, the bud will get a little quieter. I don't know how long they've done this but I just recently picked up on this, if anyone could explain why they do this that would be great appreciated.

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Galaxy Buds
I am having this issue as well. Both buds sound great IF they are both in my ear or even if one is in the unclosed case. As soon as I close the case with either L or R inside, the sound in the remaining bud is under water.

I have tried updading the software, a factory reset on the buds, making sure they are fully charged, cleaning the buds and case, restarting the device connected to the buds. Nothing has worked