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Galaxy Ear Buds Non-Responsive

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 11:12 PM)
Galaxy Buds

Both my ear buds are not responsive. When placed inside the charging case the red charging light comes on, but the earbuds themselves show no evidence that they are receiving power. After an hour inside the plugged in charging case, I tried pairing but phone couldn't find the buds. On the wearable app I cannot connect or find them to pair either. Wearing the buds, I hear nothing. This is my replacement for another pair of buds that had an issue where one bud wouldn't charge. If there is a solution that doesn't involve the same "Turn it on and off" option I would greatly appreciate because as I said, I can't even tell the things are on or not.

Also Samsung People I am sure this thing is out of warranty because I threw this thing in a draw and left it there. Fast forward through a whole lock down and continuous pandemic, I am back to try to cling to false hope that someone has found a solution.

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