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Galaxy Friends - BTS EarBuds Registration



I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5GB BTS Edition Phone with the Earbuds.


This is a multiple questions post. Thank you in advance for any help. Smiley Happy


1. I have installed/connected the earbuds to my phone. From multiple friends who also have the phone, they have shown me that when they open the case to connect to the cell phone. A small action/function pops up on the bottom of their phone showing the animated characters of BTS. Mine does not, it simply connects and that's it.


2.a. I accidently uninstalled my ear buds versus my watch on the galaxy wearable app. I reconnected them, however when I use the NFC  function to connect them, the Galaxy Samsung Friends wizard installer shows I have 8 out of 10 remaining registrations left. This is the only product I have registered so I'm not sure why it shows  that I only have 8, is it registering my earbuds twice? Is there a way I can check?


2.b. with the ear buds, comes a special theme that is downloaded and displayed but can be switched on and off.. Previously when the theme is displayed, there was a silent notification on my Nav Bar allowing me to apply or not apply the Galaxy BTS Buds theme or not. However, now it no longer does. I would like that option back on my Nav Bar but can't seem to find it.


Re: Galaxy Friends - BTS EarBuds Registration

After 3 hours and searching instructions on you tube I got it, Take your ear buds with the bottom ear bud case on and place your ear buds on the back of your phone. Starting from top slide it down until it connects and a pop up will appear (I was too excited to pay attention to pop up name) and click start and themes etc will download and when completed test ur buds and the characters popped out