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Galaxy Wearable App doesn't connect to my Buds

When I downloaded the Galaxy Wearable app for the first time and tried to connect my Buds, I went through the process of allowing permissions, and that's it. Though my smartphone does see my Galaxy Buds and I can use them, the Galaxy Wearable app doesn't. When I tap the "Connect" button in the upper-right corner, the app tries to connect to the Buds, but in a couple of seconds it fails. The same thing with the Galaxy Buds Manager for Windows: the Buds are connected to the laptop, but the Galaxy Buds Manager doesn't see them. I tried to reinstall Galaxy Wearable app and to delete Galaxy Buds from the connected devices list in my smartphone, but it didn't help. Maybe it is possible to factory reset them or to do anything else to resolve this issue?