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Galaxy buds 2 Pro Features

(Topic created: 01-27-2023 12:41 PM)
Galaxy Buds
I was thinking recently on a few features between Samsung and apple, one thing I'm confused about is why the audio output doesn't automatically switch to the phone when earbuds are out of ears. One thing I liked about apple (I had the phone for 2 weeks just trying it out.) At the time I had powerbeats pro and one other feature is when I would get a text message I would just say "reply with blah blah blah" and it would send a message saying "blah blah blah" very similar to the already made read notifications aloud feature but with out the quick response feature. 

Another thing is the volume slider could have a side profile of galaxy buds instead of the old Bluetooth logo, and other earbuds/headphones that are made by Samsung or any of it's branches. Since these are earbuds made for the phone. 

Buds 2 pro are definitely my favorite pair of earbuds I've ever tired, just missing some of those quality of life features that are kinda useful.

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Galaxy Buds
I love my buds pro 2 buds..I cannot stand apple but I've seen the season of their earbuds and I'd like to see sanding try that. I had all the ear buds so far and honestly the ones that fit my ears best were the buds live. You don't have ambient sound and some other feature but that design for my ear shape was spot on