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Galaxy buds + Warrenty

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Galaxy Buds
I got a pair of galaxy buds + A little over a year ago during a promotion where you trade in an old set of headphones and get $x off of the purchase price of the buds. They gave me $20 off and I paid the balance and got my buds. I love the sound but had to use tips from a different set in order for them to seal and in doing so, was unable to leave the tops on to charge in the case. I dealt with it and lost 100's of tips, but still love the buds. About a month or so ago the case stopped accepting a charge. I call samsung got a return authorization  number and sent my buds in. That was 3 weeks ago or so. Today I had someone call me and tell me it was going to be $108 for the repair. Why? They are under warranty. She transfered me to someone that took all the info and agreed that they are still under warranty and he transfered me to yet another person. The person that I was talking with, then proceeded to tell me that my buds were not under warranty by a month. That was wrong, then wanted to know the date that I purchased the buds I traded in for $20 off my galaxy buds, and said that the warranty on my galaxy buds is dated to the date I bought the ones I traded in. I told her that I have a reciept, and then came the third degree again. Does it show this does it show this does it show that. Look, it is from you guys at samsung it shows everything that samsung shows on a reciept.  She asked me to send her the rexiept so a supervisor could look at it. Why? Doesn't samsung have the very same ticket in the system? The bottom line for me is this... if this is how it is going to be any time I have a product from samsung that needs warranty work, I will quit samsung sooo fast and start using a competitor. Has anyone else had this type of experience trying to get warranty work done by these people? The issue is not yet resolved and according to my paperwork, the buds are still to this day under warranty.   Thanks for reading my little rant. I hope that this is not normal business practice for these guys.
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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Buds

Hello, thank you for reaching out. I do apologize for the frustration. However, as part of the warranty, when service is requested it is asked that you send in your device and provide a copy of the receipt. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/warranty/ Due to privacy concerns, the service teams do not have access to your account and this is why we ask that you provide a copy during the service process. If you need assistance with the service, please send a private message with any ticket numbers you may have. http://bit.ly/2XERsky If the PM link is not working for you, you can click on my name and send me a private message directly from my profile.

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