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Galaxy buds priority settings

(Topic created: 06-04-2024 02:12 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Buds
Can yall work on the priority settings of the auto switch feature on Samsung Galaxy Buds? For some reason my Galaxy Buds 2 Pro prioritize connecting to my tablet no matter what. I will be listening to a youtube video over my car radio and when I get out and put my buds in to continue listening to the video it connects to my tablet that I'm not even using in my bag. You would think that it would connect to the device that I'm currently using media on. No, it connects to my tablet that is locked in my bag doing absolutely nothing. There are also times where I am listening to music or a video or some kind of media on my phone, I will unlock my tablet to play a game as I listen or browse the internet or something. My Galaxy buds will pause my media on my phone and connecto to my tablet that is playing no audio. I will then reconnect to my phone and continue my video just for the buds to at some point reconnect to my tablet as I'm browsing facebook, audio off, once again pausing my video that I was listening to. Depending on the app I'm using on my tablet at the time, regardless as to whether or not it's playing audio, I will get into this fight with my devices where it will connecto to my tablet, I'll stop and reconnect to my phone, then as soon as I touch my tablet screen it switches back again. Then I sit there with my buds switching back and forth. Can it not simply be that if a device on my Samsung account is actively playing media through the galaxy buds they do not switch to another device on the Samsung account unless it's audio that takes priority like a phone call? This is quite frustrating to deal with. The auto switching is so inconsistent and unreliable it is borderline unusable.
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