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Galaxy buds right ear sound is low.


First off if your here for a solution, clean the bud out. It's ear wax. Plenty of YouTube videos will show you how to remove the metal grate to clean the ear bud. Make sure you do not send the earbuds to samsung. They will try to cheat you by saying there is physical damage and charge you 90$. Pretty scummy for a common issue. Been a long time samsung user since the note 4. This issue paired with the new "spin your rewards points away" prize wheel really make me want to switch to Apple. 


Re: Galaxy buds right ear sound is low.

You got that right.


I HAD this issue as well.  I used rubbing alcohol and Q-Tip to clean the metal cage of the bud.  I used the Find My Buds to see if it can clear any object that might be blocking the sounds from the inside.  I went down to have it looked at but decided against it as they were gonna charge me SGD$122++ (USD$90++) for labor and repairs.


Decided to use a penknife and slowly pry open the metal cage. It was pretty easy to remove after the glue that was used at the factory was softened by the rubbing alcohol.  Inside it was a black mesh cloth like material. I suspect it was to prevent even tiner particles from entering the bud. Cleaned it well with the alcohol and Q-Tip.  Tested before assembling it back and it was back to normal equal volume.  Saved myself some moolah.  And Samsung Service Centre SG, if you are reading this, hope you get some coals for Christmas.