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Galaxy buds static noise using Ambient Mode

(Topic created: 05-21-2021 01:21 AM)
Galaxy Buds

Like many other users, I want to report that the Galaxy Buds Pro that I just received, come with a sound problem in the Ambient Mode options and noise block. A terrible static noise very loud  is heard. I'm sure that when exposed to this sound for a long time it could even cause damage to the hearing (it is really very loud).

The solution they have given me is to go to a technical center to have them repaired. This for me is a waste of time and money.

The worst thing is that this is happening in a Pro model in which problems like these are not expected. Furthermore, it is well known that this is not an isolated problem. It has happened with many units of this model.

I think you have to consider that there is a systematic problem in the production or design line of at least a large batch of these products and that it is necessary to take a suitable measure for many users.

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