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GearIconX; Both Connected; One NO SOUND

Hi, I recently had this issue with my 1-year old GearIconX 2018 buds. While I was listening to music, my right bud suddenly stopped emitting any sound. Despite that, the touch gestures on it still worked but there still weren't any sounds when you tapped them. The left earbud is still perfectly fine and responds to the touch gestures by the right bud. I think both are connected but it's that no sound can seem to come through the right earbud


I have tried everything I can think of:

  • Putting the earphones back into the charging case
  • Disconnected and connected it to my phone (including turning off the Bluetooth and resetting my phone)
  • Cleaned the earbuds and case; changed it with a new mesh
  • Updated the Galaxy Wearables application
  • Reset the buds through the app
  • Reset the buds manually

Nothing I have done has seemed to work and I am out of my wits trying to solve this on my own. I can't go to my local service center due to the pandemic.

I just want to know am I the only one facing this issue? Because I can't seem to find anyone who has the same problem as me on any websites or forums. Did this malfunction happen due to internal wiring issues?


Please, if you know how to solve this, I will be very grateful.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Re: GearIconX; Both Connected; One NO SOUND

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