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Horrible Repair Service, Galaxy Earbuds

I am a loyal samsung customer since samsung has issued the Note 4 for the first time. Overall have been satisfied with their products. In 2019, i purchased a Note 10, Samsung wearable and Samsung Galaxy Buds. 

I was having an issue with volume of one of my earbuds and communicated with the samsung Pro's. After spending 30 mins with them i was asked to send those to their repair center. I was told that the whole process will last max 2 and half weeks. 

It past 3 weeks no follow up!! I call samsung "pro's" on a weekend day, and they tell me call during the weekdays as we dont have an answer. I call on Monday Jun 8th, they dont have an answer and they transfer me to another department. The other departnemnt no answer as well, they transfer me to the repair center. The repair center itself no answer about the status of the repair, and they told me i will escalate the ticket and will give you a call within 72hours.  More than 3 days past out no call from Samsung!  Call back again, one representative tells me sorry about that, i read the issue on the notes and after 30 min waiting for her response, she gave me her name and told me will give you a call in 20min.. Gues what.. no call. 

I had to call back again (spend more than 8hours on the phone with them for the whole process) and this time another person picks up. After 30min.... she tells me that ohh your product is international and we do not repair those.

I told her what??? why you guys never told me that in the first place? i spent time/gas nerves dealing with this issue and you tell me after more than 3 weeks you cant fix it.. Repair center response, " I'm Sorry". 

I am done with sorry's, i am veery dissapointed with Samsung overall. I am expecting my product back not fixed, hopefully not damaged more. (at least one of my buds was working). 


Samsung has to take care better their loyal customers. First of all they should never let you sent a product to their service center that they do not fix it? I gave them the Serial number and everything they asked when i initially sent my product and they said you have warranty and they created a label for shipping.


To everyone considering buying earbuds, initally they might work fine however take into consideration once you deal with an issue i did have to go through.

Very very disapointed..