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I would like some advice with my Gear iconX 2018.

Hello, I have 2 questions regarding Gear iconX 2018 earbuds. I have made the questions in bold in case you wish only to read those.


First off, some context. I have had a pair of Gear iconX buds since 2018, and insofar they have been flawless. I did, however forget the left bud in a washing machine a few months back, and i haven't had a problem with it because I never used the left earbud anyway. Miraculously enough, the left earbud works fine, if I am able to charge it. 

There is problem number 1, I can not charge my left earbud. I have lost all the left-side wingtips. Do you need wingtips to charge your buds? I remember being able to charge the left earbud a few months back, and nothing has happened to it since, but suddenly I am not able to charge it.


A new problem has occured, which I think is caused by the first. A few days back, I had to unpair the device from my phone, and now I am not able to pair it again! I have tried with other bluetooth devices which all are found by the phone without a problem, yet my phone is not able to detect the device. I can assure you that my Gear iconX are in pairing mode, as the lights in the back alternate between green, red and blue. My second question is, Can you pair your Gear iconX 2018 earbuds with one earbud not charged?