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Issues with Buds Live Order

I received the Galaxy Buds Live included with my pre-order of the Note 20 ultra.

Fast forward >> The larger wingtips for the buds, and the type-c cord were not included in the box, and the buds live themselves weren't taped shut, leading me to believe they weren't meant to be shipped that way. At the time I thought they had gone completely wireless and only came with 1 sized wing.

The external shipping box was sealed however.

I've spoken to 1 rep via phone and 2 via text, given s/n for the product, and address info, and waited a week between each attempted contact. 

I've never received any shipping info, or even an email saying something was on the way, even though all 3 assured me it *should* be.

Its been 3 weeks and all I've gotten is a survey about if they were helpful. 

Is there not a way to order the larger size so these things actually fit in my ear??? There is no way it should be this complicated.