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Just got them back from being "Repaired" from Samsung. Pro Buds turning off after one hour .

(Topic created on: 3/10/21 9:24 PM)
Galaxy Buds

Bought them when they came out. After one hour of using the right earpiece stops working. Then after another fifteen minutes, the left earpiece stops. It is connected to Samsung One Note 10 Plus.

Sent it back and they said they "repaired" it. After fully charging it, it does the same thing. The power goes out after one hour.

I need this solved or just give me my money back.


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Buds

You would need too ship them in again, you are welcome to call in to have this set up, or you can message me here with your most recent transaction number: https://bit.ly/3pE8Pkc

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