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Looking back 4 months with the Galaxy Buds Pro

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 10:41 AM)
Galaxy Buds
So far, my experience with theGalaxy Buds Pro have been excellent. I'm rocking with thelarge size ear tips that came out of the box and they seem to fit pretty well when I twist them in at the right angle. I'm getting about5-6 hours of use. I'd say that both the earbuds and the case charge quite faster than I expected. The ambient sound compared to the Galaxy Buds Plus have significantly improved by a lot (the Buds Plus make a static sound when it detects something high pitched while the Buds Pro just cancels it out.) Haven't gotten any ear irritation recently which you should be aware of how clean the case and the earbuds are as bacteria can build up. I've also heard how splendid the reviews of the Galaxy Buds2 are, but I won't even bother coming close to those as the water resistance, sound quality, and ANC (as I only use on occasions) don't even surpass the Galaxy Buds Pro, which is to be expected from the lower price tag. If you have big ears, you'll enjoy these earbuds✌🏿
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