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Microphone sometimes includes ambient sounds, other times not

(Topic created: 07-18-2022 02:29 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I am using Galaxy Buds 2 with my windows 11 laptop, over bluetooth. 

Sometimes the mic picks up ambient sounds, sometimes it doesn't, and correctly cancels out the ambient sounds.  This is not dependent on which Noise cancelling mode is selected (ANC, none, ambient sounds included). 

On windows, if the ambient sounds are filtered out of the mic input (using buds as mix), then if I click on Windows System->Sound->Volume Mixer  and I mute the volume, then unmute it, it goes back to not filtering the ambient sounds to the mic. 

At this point, on the windows Galaxy Buds app (downloaded from the microsoft store), the active noise cancelling is still selected.  switching it off and back to ANC does not help.  switching to Ambient sounds amplifies the ambient sounds, but switching back to ANC  or None does not activate ANC (I can hear ambient sounds in the recording from the Buds' mic).  Disconnecting from the buds over bluetooth and reconnecting doesnt make the ANC come back, i.e. the recording from the buds mic will still have the ambient noise. 

It feels like there is an external and internal mic on each bud, and the internal mic is disabled somehow, sometimes, randomly

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