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Multiple issues with Buds+

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 09:09 AM)
Galaxy Buds

Well Ive had the Buds+ for a couple of weeks, and I'm still considering returning them. They sound great, but these issues have become a huge hassle.

First, the eartips that came with them are all too small and I get no seal and the sound is awful. I had to use some that I'd been using on my previous earbuds. Now they sound amazing. But they don't really fit in the case. I put them in, close the lid, and they don't charge. When I open the case, the red light inside is on for a second, then goes out. I think maybe the larger tips are preventing charging, but then why is the red light on inside the case when I first open it? Anyway, I have to remove the ear tips to charge, which is very annoying. I'm trying new tips, but I'm afraid that any that are large enough will have the same issue. 

Second, my right bud loses volume when the battery has drained a bit. I've noticed it happens around 65% battery life. The right bud volume is very low. I can recharge them to fix the issue, but again--kind of a hassle and not what I'd expect from $100+ earbuds. 

Does anyone have any insight into any of this? Thanks.

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