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Need to connect twice on Windows to get the mic working

(Topic created: 04-28-2021 08:26 AM)
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I have been using the Galaxy Bud for conference calls and it works great. The issue I'm having is an annoyance when connecting to Windows.

I have Windows 10 and my cell phone is an Android with the latest version. Buds are updated to the latest firmware as well.

The scenario is like this: I have the buds connected to my cell phone and they work fine. If I want to connect to Windows, I just go to the Bluetooth control panel in Windows 10, select the Galaxy Buds+ (AC49) option and click connect. 

All of this works just fine, the problem is that under the name of the device in Windows it says "Connected music". 

The buds work like this, but just to listen to music, the mic doesn't work at this point.

If at this point I put the buds in their case, close the lid, wait a couple of seconds until they show as disconnected in Windows and then re-open the case, they will connect and now say "Connected voice, music".

This happens every time I switch from my cell phone to my computer.

It would be great if I didn't have to put the buds in their case after connecting them to the computer just to get the mic working.


Thanks for your time and feedback.

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Galaxy Buds

Really like my Galaxy Buds, but I'm experiencing the same problem as you. However, it is not possible to make the microphone work. Have tested what userSTjORvNRtr suggested (connect, put the headphones in the case and reconnect) to make the microphone work, but it does not help me, the microphone still does not work. I would dare to think that there is something about the operating system that causes the microphone to crash. I run on Windows 10, but on my laptop I have Windows 8, where the headphones work great.

I have probably spent at least 10 hours troubleshooting, I have tested various guides and reinstalled countless times both headphones and drivers. Unfortunately, it still does not work. I want to point out that I have a bluethoot stick that I connected to the computer, it is against the one that I connect my Galaxy Buds. Hope someone can find a solution to the concern, would have been nice to use the headphones for the computer as well.