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New earbud won't pair with my phone and charging dock

(Topic created: 07-01-2022 02:36 AM)
Galaxy Buds

My right earbud has lost 90% of its volume so I decided to buy a replacement. I have the galaxy ear buds and bought a galaxy earbud plus earbud but Samsung states they're interchangeable and a bud plus can be used with a normal charging Dock.

Anyway I have tried everything to get the new bud to pair with my Dock but the galaxy Wear app just doesn't recognise it. It shows the left as 100% and the right is greyed with a ornate explanation mark. I think it's also trying to stay connected to the old one even though I'm well out of range. I've reset the buds through the app, I've unpaired it through Bluetooth. I've turned the phone off and on. I've made sure the Dock is 100% and also both buds are 100%. I've tried the holding down the buttons for 7 seconds whilst inside the Dock, I've tried holding down for 3 seconds when both are in your ear. I know the right side works because I later paired it to a coworkers earbuds plus Dock and it played but it will never pair with mine. Any reasons why? 

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Galaxy Buds
I'd assume you followed the pairing procedure to allow them to pair first to the "dock" then to your phone?
Also the galaxy Buds loose volume over time due to a dirty screen
I've been able to simply clean then on multiple occasions and restore 100% volume.