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Overnight battery drain to 0%

Hello, I have been having a pretty major problem with my galaxy buds, I have made sure to update them to the latest software and made sure to restart them. The problem lies in that when I wake up, the case is completely dead. It doesn't even show a light until I charge it. I usually go to sleep with them in the 60%+ range (the green LED light). I feel like this is a pretty big problem because I don't usually have the option to charge them in the morning.


Re: Overnight battery drain to 0%

I had a similar issue but this was with some AKG N200s ear buds. I would have them charged to any level, with or without using them, with power off and they would be completely drained the next day. For my issue I had to do a warranty exchange. Even though they aren't the same buds as you, the issue sounds the same. After the new ones arrived all was well. Good luck, but I'd try to contact the warranty contact for your buds directly.