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Problem with Iconx 2018 controlling wrong apps



I've been dealing with an issue since I've bought these, and I can't seem to figure out. 


Seems that when I listen to an app like Apple music, Stitcher, etc. then change to Samsung music or Soundcloud, touch controls stick to controlling whatever previous app was playing, thus stopping the current play and resuming the previous. I've tried shutting down the apps manually, but they continue to be controlled by the earbuds. The only choice I have is to wait until eventually, the earbuds start controlling the current app being played. I was hoping for a setting that could provide the user with app priority control, but this doesn't exist. Is there a way to clear this bug? I hope this makes sense. I can't find anything on the web based on my wording. Any help would be nice. I'm using a Galaxy S8 with Iconx 2018. Thank you.